SOMEWHERE in the rural area of Buhera, lies the Man Mountain -- known to the world simply as Kilimanjaro -- who boxed his way from Mbare to rule the African continent.

Proud Chinembiri, the late heavyweight boxing champion, took his sport to another level in this country in the category where the biggest and meanest boxers fight.

The big man turned himself into a fierce fighting machine and made his country proud by winning the African heavyweight championship and even getting into contention for a fight for the world heavyweight crown.

No Zimbabwean heavyweight boxer has scaled similar heights like Kilimanjaro.

Even those who lost in their duel against him are proud of the moment that they went into the ring with this fighting machine.

One of them is John "Bombaphani Bonyongo Destroyer" Mutema -- the last man to fight the Man Mountain.

He was beaten in the fourth round of their contest and, this week, told The Herald Sport about his pride of having faced Kilimanjaro.

"I was the last man to fight Kilimanajaro and he beat me on technicality after I suffered a gash above the right eye," said Bonyongo this week.

"It was the greatest fight of my life. I quit boxing in 1999 after the death of Kilimanjaro since there was no longer a heavyweight boxer to fight at that time.

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