Bernard T.G. Chidzero (1927-2002) worked for UNCTAD from 1968 to 1980, for the last three years as deputy secretary-general. His UN career began in 1960 as an economic affairs officer in ECA, and afterwards as the first black African to be named UNDP resident representative (in Kenya, 1963-68).

He returned to Zimbabwe on independence in 1980, becoming successively a member of parliament and minister of economic planning and development and later senior minister of finance; he was still working as an adviser to the government when he died.

He presided over the Seventh Session of UNCTAD and chaired the Joint Ministerial Committee of the World Bank and the IMF (1986-99). He was born in Zimbabwe and was educated at the University of South Africa, Ottawa and McGill Universities in Canada, and Oxford University.

Dr Chidzero was Zimbabwe's first finance minister