We acknowledge and recognize the contribution made by the late veteran politician and businessman Honorable Dr Patrick Kombayi.

Patrick Kombayi (November 2, 1938 – June 20, 2009[1]) was a Zimbabwean businessman, a former mayor of Gweru and an active member of the Movement for Democratic Change-Tsvangirai faction in the Midlands Province. He served in the Senate of Zimbabwe for Chirumhanzu-Gweru senatorial constituency.

Dr Kombayi was buried in Gweru on the 27th of July 2009, after he succumbed from gunshot wounds sustained in the 4 March 1990 foiled assassination attempt by the late Simon Muzenda’s bodyguards Kizito Chivamba and Elias Kanengoni.

The late Kombayi played a pivotal during the liberation struggle when he housed, clothed, financed and fed leaders of the revolutionary movements ZIPRA and ZANLA IN Zambia.

Robert Mugabe, Hebert Chitepo, Rugare Gumbo, and many other comrades in the liberation struggle all benefited from Kombayi’s courtesy during their stay in Zambia.

In 2001 he assisted several student leaders who had been expelled at the Midlands State Universty (MSU).The union continued to get assistance and support from him up until the time of his death.

Go well great politician, go well great businessman, go well great revolutionary, Five Star politician!